Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace

Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace is a new generation of rotatable and tiltable melting furnace for secondary non-ferrous metal extraction.

This Furnace is latest of its kind in the world.
A significant advantage claimed for the UTRF is that it can be both rotated and tilted. If compared to the traditional reverbaratory furnace the yield is 2 to 5% higher and the energy saving is to the tune of 25 to 40%. Another significant advantages by this furnace is that metal can be recovered efficiently from the iron attachment scrap.

This furnace is that metal can be recovered efficiently from the iron attachment scrap. This furnace is highly useful in making Aluminium alloys and Master alloy as during the whole melting process the furnace rotated resulting in homogeneous mixing of other elements in metal.

Aluminium Tilting Type Melting cum Holding Furnace

Design basis and technical specification

  • Fuel - Gas
  • Melt Rate - 1.5 ton / Hr
  • Material to be melted - Clean Aluminium scrap & addition of master alloy
  • Bath Capacity - 10 tons of molten alumninium
  • Operatuion - Continous

Scrap Charging Machine

An Specially designed furnace charging machine suitable for charging of aluminium scrap in to the rotary furnace is made out of heavy duty MS structure with a charging bucket of 500 kg. placed at the rear end of the furnace.

Two sets of hydraulic cylinder is placed which is drived with 5 HP power pack to tilt & discharge the scrap

160 Mould Ingot casting Machine

  • Mould type - 7 kg capacity
  • Mould Dimension - 600 mm long x 10 mm width x 40 mm height
  • Number of moulds - 160
  • Mould material - SG cast iron
  • Production rate - 4 ton per hour
  • Mould Cooling - Water spray, 9 spray heads, total water consumption at 2 bar pressure 100lts per hour
  • Knock out system - Automatic knock out system
  • Pouring system - Casting wheel/Cam operated tundish drive off main chain
  • Drive Motor - 5 HP AC Variable frequency drive

Metal Transfer Launder System

Metal transfer launder system consist of movable metallic frame lined with pre shaped refractory block insulated heavily to minimize temperature drop across the length.

The inner dimension of pre shaped refractory block is 250x250 mm . The metal transfer launder system is movable across the length

Pollution Control System

Both the furnace namely UTRF and Holding furnace is connected to main chimney through a common exhaust ducting.
A suitable pollution control system is installed in between furnaces and chimney. The series of pollution control system incorporated in between furnaces and chimney are.

  • Exhaust cooling system - consists of water circulated pipe to cool down the temperature of exhaust gases for further processing
  • Bag filtration system - A 300 bag filtration system is connected between exhaust hood of the furnace and the chimney. The filtration system consist of all essential features like rotary air lock value. Pulse jet system.

Optical Emission Spectrometer

With compact 3 in 1 Spectrometer Sample Preparation Machine

  • Latest multi-CCD, multi-optics CCD OES with ultra-high resolution
  • Patented D-Scan optics for high resolution and low detection limit
  • High Precision & Accuracy
  • NRV for Safety of Optics Chamber
  • Nitrogen Analysis in Ferrous base
  • Analysis of Ferrous and non-ferrous metal with multi-base capability

Calibration Included :
  • Al Base - Al-si, Al Pure, Al Global
  • Master Alloys - Si, Cu, Mg, B

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