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We have already been dealing in various Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scarp from Dubai and Mumbai for the last 15 years and having various yards in West Africa. We have been supplying various Auto grade Aluminium scrap to different Auto components manufacturers in India.


Our factory at AlBuraimi, Oman having land area of 2 lakh Sq.ft, is well equipped to manufacture Aluminium Alloys of JIS & BS STANDARDS. We are also manufacturers of Aluminium De Oxidized products such as Notch Bars, Cubes & In gots of various grades from 95% purity to 99% purity. Having capacity of 1200 MT per month.


  • Gas fired 8 ton capacity Aluminium melting universal tilting rotary furnace
  • Re-verberatory type holding furance (hydraulic tilting type) 10 ton capacity
  • Scrap charging machine
  • 160 Mould casting machine
  • Metal trasnfer launder system
  • Spectrometer 32 channel
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Gas Stoarge and Distribution system
  • Exhaust Chimney
  • Pollution Control system
  • Weighning scale 30 ton capacity.
  • Weighing Scale 5 ton capacity
  • Ingot strapping Machine
  • Compact 3 in 1 machine for sample preparation
  • Electical Control panel for plant
  • Certified Reference Material


  • Production of Aluminium alloy Ingot by Secondary aluminium recycling
  • Collection of required grade of raw material and storage at proper place.
  • To analyze the proper chemistry of raw material before processing
  • Charging of scrap in to Tilting rotary furnance for melting by scrap charging machine
  • Transfer of molten in to melting cum holding furnace.
  • Alloying of material for chemistry and dilution with high purity scrap if required
  • Analysis of molten charge with Spectrometer and correction if required.
  • Casting of Molten aluminimum by ingot Casting machine
  • Stacking, Strapping and weighing. Colour Grading and punching of lot Number and grade.
  • Stoarge in Finished goods storage yard


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