Aluminium Ingots

Aluminum scrap Tense Taint/Tabor; are used for recycling process because of their optimum usage, high competitive price,lightness, corrosion resistance and strength. Aluminium weighs generally around a third of the weight of the equivalent sized steel component, with much better corrosion resistance. 

We believe in supplying quality products and take stringent quality control measures at every step of production to ensure that the material is produced strictly as per the customer’s requirement.

Manufacturing varieties of high quality aluminium alloys available in various chemical composition. These different alloys can be used for sand, gravity and die casting, which can then be utilized in construction industry, electrical industry, light weight applications, automobiles and other applications.

Capable to manufacture various alloys and temper requirements according to the need of our clients.

Why we should recycle aluminium?

Used Aluminium can be endlessly recycled without loss in quality. Only 5 percent of the energy required to produce primary aluminium is needed to remelt aluminium for new uses towards building the market  for value added products and services.

Compared to production of “new” aluminium, recycling of post-consumer aluminium (like aluminium cans) saves a lot of energy and CO2.

The world’s stock of aluminium in use is like a resource bank. Around 75 percent of aluminium ever produced is still in use, and some of it has been through countless recycle loops.

The Company ;offers ;various forms of scraps like rod, plate, wire, cable, wheel, shredded, clipping,heavies, die cast, girder, can, tank, mix materials, etc. The Company offers most grades of Aluminium Scrap like Tense Taint / Tabor, ;6063 Extrusions, UBC,wheels, Twitch, Talon, Shredded TT, Aircraft scrap, zorba, etc to various Aluminum Alloy manufactures suppliers.

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